Price and sale policy of Gem Riverside Đất Xanh

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh brings investment opportunities as well as residential development at the strategic location of District 2 with reasonable price and flexible sales policy.


Gem Riverside is the largest apartment project with the largest scale of investment of Dat Xanh Group. The project will mark the strong development of Green Land rose to new positions with the goal to become the TOP 10 real estate development in Southeast Asia in 2030. 

With a prime location in most regions south of Rach now Gem Riverside Dat Xanh Group developed a polished and billion US market launch in quarter 4/2017.

Perspective of Dat Xanh project in District 2

An overview of the project Gem Riverside Dat Xanh

Project Location: An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC.

Investor: Dat Xanh Group

Total area: 67,142 sqm

Scale: Including 12 luxury apartment towers with over 3100 apartments designed in European style luxury.

Construction area: 379,668 sqm

Total investment capital: VND 5,436 billion.


Commencement: 2017

Guaranty and financing bank: Vietinbank Industrial and Commercial Bank

The overall project Gem Riverside District 2

The accent adds to the value of Gem Riverside Đất Xanh

Song Hanh Street Expressway Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway will be completed in 2019, just in time to receive apartments GEM project Riverside, will help residents save travel time.

Transport infrastructure in South Rach gradually perfecting help residents Gem Riverside use sync utility right internal South Rach.

Forming a preliminary economic zones – the new financial Thu Thiem, District 2 will increase the demand for housing for the people working here.

An Phu intersection is under construction underground tunnels and bridges to solve the traffic jam at the end of the highway.


The adjacent Saigon Sports City residence offers 64-hectare Olympic sports services. Together with the 222 acre Rach Chiec Complex, will serve SeaGame 31 in 2021.

Infrastructure in South Rach diversity: trade, schools, health care service for the needs of people in residential areas.

Regional link map from Gem Dat Xanh Project

Legal Project Gem Riverside publicity, transparency

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh is announced at the end of 2017. There are many customers who wish to invest as well as buy in to the project. Besides the expected price, the quality of construction works as well as the prestige of the investor. Customers are also interested in legal projects. Because this is an important factor in project formulation as well as ownership in order to secure future ownership of the apartment.

Legal issues related to the project Gem Riverside project, customers can be completely assured. Because, Investor Dat Xanh Group is a unit had executed many populations famous, not only Gem Riverside District 2 that any apartment of CDT as officially announced the launch are also fully meet the players necessary legal process. Because always comply with all legal provisions, Dat Xanh investors are always the land business units to be the basis for implementation.

For new projects conceived as Gem Riverside Dat Xanh, the documents required for the official opening of sale includes the papers the following:

Building permit;

Commitment to bank guarantee;

Flat specification;

Decision on acceptance of investment projects;


And some other papers …

Gem Riverside is the TOP 50 project of green standards of Vietnam

There are now many projects in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City is being stopped construction and recovered due to not completed legal procedures. One implication is that many customers are worried about the risk of asset reclamation. Although compensation but will take time and effort. Therefore, the information is provided accurately and fully from Green Land investors will help customers peace of mind when investing in Gem Riverside project.

Expected selling price is very competitive of apartment projects Gem Riverside

With full amenities and décor dynamic is always a question comes is the expected price of the apartment will be like the best fit with your family?

According to information on the market, the price of land for sale is expected to be only VND33 million / sqm and handover of luxury furniture.

Most of the apartments in Gem Riverside are very competitive. From there, customers buy apartments Gem Riverside can exploit investment arbitrage or investment rental finishing. Investors should use fiscal first smartest way.

Flexible and extremely flexible sales policy of Gem Riverside Dat Xanh

Often the sale of the Gem Riverside project will have a lot of good incentive policies for all customers.

Hold policy:

Currently, projects Gem Riverside Green Land is recognized needs of customers and get placeholder preferred units according to the types of apartments are as follows:

Apartment 1PN / 2PN / 3PN: placeholder VND100 million / unit

Duplex apartment, shop-house: VND 200 million / room

The layout, arrangement and meticulous in Riverside g2

Payment methods

Customers of Gem Riverside Dat Xanh just pay 50% GTCH until the handover of the house. Specific payment periods are as follows:

Deposit: VND 100 million

Deposit contract: 10%

Completion of the foundation, will sign the agreement: 5%

3 months after signing the land clearance payment agreement: 5%

Six months after signing the liquidation plan: 5%

In the next 9 months, payment will be made 5%

Twelve months after signing the liquidation contract: 5%

Fifteen months after signing the liquidation plan: 5%

18 months after signing the SCT: 5%

Home delivery, payment: 45%

Notice of payment of ownership certificate payment: 5% remaining

Note: The value of the purchase contract is the value of the apartment not including VAT, maintenance and discount if any.

Thus, Gem Riverside apartment with outstanding advantages of location and potential value increase, was developed by the landlord prestigious Dat Xanh. On the other hand, the project has reasonable price and preferential sales policy will be an extremely attractive investment option for customers.

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