The land of Gem Riverside Dat Xanh district 2, what is notable, why should choose this place to place the family home, then the location here has something special, the price out how?

We would like to provide you with the most useful information for you. And it can help people find the right answer for themselves.

perspective of Gem Riverside Gem Riveride project District 2 extremely modern, luxurious and class operated by reputable investorsThe luxury apartment complex located along the Saigon River, was built and completed with the structure of the first 5-star standard in Thu Thiem district. The project promises to bring a living space, where the long-term resident ideal for you.

Riverside Thu Thiem eco urban area along the Saigon River

The Gem Riverside apartment is a large-scale investment project, and the first stage of the project is the location of the project. One of the most important phases of a project is feng shui, a part of the success of a real estate project.

With a series of questions emerging in mind, where to put this project where appropriate, which land will have the most out of the area, which has many residents with the demand for new homes … It is There are innumerable questions that investors have to think about in order to make the best of their time.

Gem Riverside project Gem Riverside is embraced by the cool blue river, gentle in the heart of the cityThe project is located in a position that experts in the field of real estate with long experienced experience that this is a large-scale and potential project, which may cause fever for the market. Real estate in the near future is the most lucrative project of the year.

The project with the associated regional facilities easily save a lot of travel time for residents.

The project brings convenience to intersecting intersections that form a unified body.

The project is located in the main arterial roads such as Hanoi Highway and Ring Road 2, so residents are connected quickly with District 7 and Thu Duc District, possessing convenient transportation location adjacent to the route : Metro Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien.

Rapid connection to District 1 via the Thu Thiem Tunnel connecting to the ring road 2 contributes significantly to shortening the distance from the periphery to the center of the city. Especially with the first official passage of the Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway, the favorable conditions for traveling time from the city to the eastern provinces.

location of Gem Riverside project The prime location offers good access to Gem RiversideLiving in this apartment you have easy access to the modern and classy facilities in the whole area such as international supermarket vinmart, vincom international hospital and many other facilities to … With everything apartment will be around you.

Gem Riverside living space class

The apartment is designed in a modern architectural style, and is developed in a smart house structure that optimizes the area of ​​use of each apartment, making the most of the natural light. That’s the sunlight.

At the same time showing the harmony with the natural green, this helps you and your family enjoy the quiet river but warm feelings after every working day tired.

No matter how busy life is, the home is where we want to go back home. Coming to Gem Riverside, our happiness will be multiplied by the fresh air and amenities that the project owns.

Gym room space at Gem RiversideGreen space, with the context of each corner of luxury apartments

Who should own an apartment here?

One of those people who want to change their lives means to renew their living space and family with a new home, come to our luxury Riverside apartments.

Especially, it is the partner of the neighboring districts, customers are working in districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 … Binh Duong province Dong Nai around the area of ​​the city. You should own an apartment in this resort paradise.

Site map at Gemriverside District 2 Site map at Gemriverside District 2If you have come here to experience, we believe it is the most enjoyable experience you have ever had.

According to information provided by the company and announced, the price of each apartment here depends on the area of ​​each apartment. At present, there is no exact information about the price here, we will always provide the necessary information so that you know the price of each property here.

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